Saving the Sutter Buttes Calendar

We are still more than ever trying to keep our commitment to protect the conservation lands in and around the Sutter Buttes, but like all businesses, we are feeling the impact of the current economic status. In order to keep our commitment, we are determined to continue with several of our traditional programs, such as the yearly SBRLT Calendar.

Each year the Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trusts holds a photography contest for professional and amateur photographers to submit photos of the Sutter Buttes and surrounding area to be featured in the calendar. The calendar has been produced for over 20 years and is a tradition that many folks in the area look forward to. The land trust relies on the proceeds from the sale of the calendar to help support its mission. We are reaching out to urge you to support our efforts to keep the calendar alive again this year.

All donations received between May 1 and May 30th will go directly to the Save The Calendar Fund.

We appreciate any amount you can give towards our efforts and would like to offer a small token of our appreciation for certain amounts given. 

Let’s show how resilient our community is and save our calendar!

Donations made through this link will be used solely for the costs of producing the 2023 calendar


Increase awareness through supporting education, and conservation programs.

Build partnerships to balance conservation with economic growth, flood protection & agriculture

Provide the resources to create extraordinary opportunities and preserve the Sutter Buttes legacy.

Property is more than just real estate. It is a legacy, a part of family heritage.

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