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   The Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust  

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Preserving agricultural land has become the primary focus of Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust. We believe this expanded effort will help preserve food production and the American agricultural heritage through the increased awareness of land conservation and its values for our region. With more than 20 land trusts working to protect Central Valley farmland, habitat and native vegetation, increased demand for partners to manage and monitor easements has become essential. Becoming an active and respected regional conservation partner is necessary for the long-term sustainability of the organizations and it efforts.

SBRLT’s program area includes Yuba, Sutter, and Colusa counties, from the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada, across the Northern Sacramento Valley, to the eastern slopes of the Coast Range. Our region encompasses approximately 2,400 square miles or 1.4 million acres. With current growth projections resulting in as much as 34,000 acres of critical habit, agricultural lands, wetlands, and open space slated for development, our priorities are the conservation of those resources that are vital to our region’s economic well-being, ecological health, and quality of life.

Increase awareness through supporting education, and conservation programs.

Build partnerships to balance conservation with economic growth, flood protection & agriculture

Provide the resources to create extraordinary opportunities and preserve the Sutter Buttes legacy.

Property is more than just real estate. It is a legacy, a part of family heritage.

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