of the 2024 Calendar

"A Farmer's Sunset"

Calendar Cover Photo by Student Photographer 

Darren recently began to develop an interest in photography during his sophomore year of high school, and naturally has an eye for what to put in the frame of his camera lens. Through his instructor, Mr. Jeremy Saltman of CORE Charter School in Marysville, he has learned much and excelled at the art of photography. He looks forward to further developing his camera skills and plans to pursue a college career in visual arts.

"With the Coming of Spring I am Calm Again"

January Calendar Photo by Tanna Alverez 

I have lived in Gridley my whole life and nothing brings me more joy than taking photos! My family owns a part of the Sutter Buttes so they are like my second home. Taking my camera up in the buttes and taking photos of this beautiful land and its natural is like being in my own heaven. My family and I go up there and take rides as much as we can. I hope that when people look at my photos it makes them feel as if they are there in that moment enjoying the view.

"Old Man Manzanita"

February Calendar Photo by Melanie Truan 

I am a research ecologist specializing in the conservation and restoration of wildlife and wild places. I have long been fascinated by the Sutter Buttes as they float above the flat expanses of the Sacramento Valley, and have since developed a deep appreciation for this unique ecosystem and the dedicated people who work to protect it. I am honored to provide my photographs to this project. For more examples of my work, please visit my website at


"White Bloom"

March Calendar Photo by by John Martinez 

 I have resided in Nevada County since 1994. Since retiring from the State a few years ago, I’ve done much traveling. I enjoy exploring and photographing all the natural wonders our county and state has to offer. The Sutter Buttes is one of my many highlights that I had the privilege to visit.

"Our Sacred Mountain Range"

April Calendar Photo by by Lee Hixson 

I am a 76-year old, retired land surveyor having lived and worked in Yuba City since 1976. I have done numerous land surveys over the years in and around the Sutter Buttes. Being an avid amateur photographer, I never turn down an opportunity to snap a photo of the Sutter Buttes.

"Valley and Buttes"

May Calendar Photo by by Sean Beermann 

I have been an amateur landscape and outdoor photographer for 40 years, photographing the natural beauty of Northern California in particular and anywhere else our RV takes my wife and me.

"Dawn Breaks Over the Sutter Buttes"

June Calendar Photo by by Jason Brooks

Jason is a recently retired police sergeant having served over 30 years in law enforcement. He’s also a proud military veteran. Jason has resided in Yuba City with his wife and children since 2004. He learned about photography as a child having been mentored by his mother and grandfather. His love for the craft has continued throughout his life. Jason shoots primarily on mirrorless Canon gear, with a concentration on outdoor wildlife & landscape photography in the Sutter County area.


July Calendar Photo by by
Ashley Scott


"Dark Winter Clouds Over Pass Road, Sutter Buttes"

August Calendar Photo by Robert Lowe

I have been fortunate to live and practice medicine in Grass Valley since 1980. This area offers endless opportunities for landscape and nature photography as well as birding, and the Sutter Buttes are often in the backgrounds of my photos. On this wet winter evening the rain clouds were starting to clear and invited me to drive up Pass Road to capture this image of the wet winding road and dark clouds at sunset.

"Oak Tree With Its Surroundings"

September Calendar Photo by Mark Moore

Mark has always been interested in hiking and photography. He has been able to devote more time to both hiking and digital photography after he retired. A Pigeon Point Lighthouse image of Mark’s made its way to a California State Park’s Foundation calendar and pamphlet. His move to the Sacramento area with his wife five years ago opened new opportunities for both hiking and photography.

"Cloud Nine"

October Calendar Photo by Sue Graue

Sue is known for her photography of landscapes, flora and fauna. Award winning Images from the region have been enjoyed locally and internationally through gallery shows, websites, prints, and greeting cards. She has been capturing the nature of Northern California’s seasons and subjects in photographs for more than two decades, from film to digital. She had her first public show as a solo artist in 2007. “Witnessing the natural world is educational and always rewarding.”

"The Moody Buttes"

November Calendar Photo by Michael Manzone


Michael believes that photography is as much about what we see as what we feel. He spends the majority of his available time out in the landscapes tirelessly seeking to better understand the natural beauty of Northern California. Raised in Paradise, California. Michael is an accomplished photographer who spends a considerable amount of time hiking and photographing the wilderness areas of California.     


"Old Friend"

December Calendar Photo by Kathy Triolo


 Kathy is an award-winning photographer who won the Golden Bear in 2018 at the California State Fair. She has been “seeing” through a camera since age 7 and was delighted when she dove into digital art, easily giving up the darkroom and chemicals! Kathy’s current work highlights images of common trees and birds that she’s photographed and digitally edited. Many of her photos are infused with a bit of “whimsy”, while others are simply meant to be enjoyed “as is”..

"Misty Mountain Hop"

January 2025 Calendar Photo by Meghan Worrell


Overlooking Peace Valley for the very first time; moments before I received the unique opportunity to become a B.U.G. (Back Up Guide) for Middle Mountain Interpretive Hikes. Ft. Mike Darnell “So I’m packing my bags for the Misty Mountains, Where the spirits go now. Over the hills where the spirits fly”

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