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Embrace the Opportunity to Preserve Nature and Agriculture!

Who is the Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust?

The Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust is a non-profit organization formed to protect and conserve natural areas and farmland in and around the Sutter Buttes. The organization has been a part of the Yuba Sutter area for over 30 years and in August 2015, was recognized as an accredited land trust through the Land Trust Alliance, as such, shows a commitment to land conservation and creating a sustainable organization.

The Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust Goals

The land trust’s vision is to create a healthy and vibrant community where there is a balance between development and protection of open space. As an accredited land trust, we are driven by our responsibility to protect the land for the public but it is our passion and love of the land that drives us. With your help and the work of the land trust, together we can protect the beauty, history, legacy, and natural resources of our region.

Why Sponsor the Land Trust?

The SBRLT programs enable us to educate, protect, and support the land and history of the Sutter Buttes and surrounding area. It also is a way to give back to our community in celebration of their support of our work, and in doing so we can promote your brand, showcase your products and services, and develop sales leads for your business.

Through sponsorship of money, products, or services as a means of supporting the Land Trust programs, your business receives advertising or promotion of its brand, products, or services.

As a sponsor of the Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust your generosity is creating a future where the natural landscape and working lands, in and around the Sutter Buttes area, are cared for and enjoyed by people who share a love and appreciation of the beauty, history and culture of the area.

The Benefits to the community when land is put in trust

  • Preserved open spaces contribute to local economies, property values, and ecosystem services improving air and water quality.
  • Properties near parks may have higher market values.
  • Farmland preservation maintains local economies, protects rural amenities, and does not negatively impact wage rates.
  • Preserved farmland can increase nearby property values, generating extra tax revenue for further preservation.
  • Farmland preservation ensures sufficient land for food security, stimulates agricultural investment, and protects the critical mass of farms needed for a county’s agriculture viability.
  • Agricultural preservation preserves open space attributes, and rural amenities attracting tourists and new residents.
  • Forest cover decreases drinking water treatment costs.
  • Urban trees enhance air quality, reduce energy costs, and have economic value.
  • Trees can reduce and delay peak flows after storms, decrease the need for stormwater treatment facilities, and improve water quality, potentially saving city residents millions per year.
The Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust is a 501 (c) (3) and your donation is tax deductible
Our Federal Tax I.D. # is 68-0204641. Our State I.D. # is 1644144.
All membership information is kept private and confidential. The Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust will never sell or give out personal information to any other third party. *Member contact information will be provided to Middle Mountain Interpretive Hikes for those membership levels that receive a hike certificate

Increase awareness through supporting education, and conservation programs.

Build partnerships to balance conservation with economic growth, flood protection & agriculture

Provide the resources to create extraordinary opportunities and preserve the Sutter Buttes legacy.

Property is more than just real estate. It is a legacy, a part of family heritage.

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