Located in Live Oak, CA, the West Butte School property consists of approximately 0.80 acres of agriculture/residential zoned land. There is a historic building on the site. Other site features include a well house, shed, seasonal drainage and scenic views of the Sutter Buttes. A feasibility study is being discussed to determine future plans for the site and address management issues.
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Why types of conservation values being protected

Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust's ownership of the property protects the historic schoolhouse, which is a local scenic icon and has a scenic view of the Sutter Buttes to the northeast, thereby preserving a valuable historic and scenic resource for the community.

Why protection of this property is important

The historic building on the property was used as a one-room schoolhouse from 1909 to 1944. The County of Sutter declared the building an historic monument in August 1979. The schoolhouse provides a historical context for the small village of West Butte, which has slowly diminished through the years. The village, which started around 1867, began with a Post Office and from there grew to include other community buildings, such as a church, store, town hall and eventually a schoolhouse. The original schoolhouse burned down in April 1908 and was re-built shortly after. Today, all that remains of the small town is a few homesteads and the schoolhouse. Aside from the historical significance of the site to the larger region due to its years of operation as a schoolhouse, the building itself may have some historic significance with regard to certain architectural features. SBRLT is currently seeking Historic Designation from the California State Office of Historic Preservation and hopes to restore the building.
*If you or someone you know went to the school, has stories of someone who went to the school, or any photos of the property throughout the years, please contact us. Part of the application process for Historical Designation requires a living narrative from the community.

Interested in learning more about the historical importance of the West Butte Schoolhouse? Check out this narrative written by Judy Irvin, an architect with MPM/Engineering out of Chico who is assisting SBRLT with the Historical Designation application process.