This year, the Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust finalized an important step, receiving Land Trust Alliance national accreditation. This important distinction has given us more leverage, credibility, and made us eligible to secure state and federal funds to help establish conservation easements that landowners have been seeking.

With your help we can continue to preserve these important lands! Your tax-deductible gift will make sure that working family farms and ranches, sweeping orchards, expansive waterfowl habitat, like the Dean Ranch that hosts thousands of hikers per year, are protected.

What will your year-end gift mean to the future of the Sutter Buttes region?

It means that farmers and ranchers will be able to conserve their land, protecting the agricultural legacy of the Sutter Basin.
We hear from families throughout the region who want our help to voluntarily conserve their land so that they can pass it on to their kids and grandkids.

You will be ensuring that conservation has a future by creating a new generation of local kids who care.
You will be helping to get kids out and into the outdoors where they will more fully experience what it means to be part of the outdoors. We know from research that children need regular, interactive, and fun experiences with nature if they are going to grow up caring about it. The future of conservation depends on them.

You can make a secure donation online at: