Located in Yuba County, near Oregon House, CA, the Tosse Easement consists of approximately 9.95 acres of open space. The easement was created to ensure the property kept an adequate wildlife corridor open, mostly for migratory and resident deer. The site is predominately Ponderosa pine, with a few individuals of Jeffrey pine, gray pine, blue oak, black oak and interior live oak.

Why types of conservation values are being protected

Each year the Mooretown Migratory Deer Herds travel through Plumas, Sierra, Butte, Nevada and Yuba counties. The deer spend about six months on winter range (Yuba County), about four months on summer range (Plumas County), and about two months traveling between the two areas. For thousands of years, this cycle repeated itself relatively undisturbed. During the past 60 years, disruption of this cycle in the form of residential development in deer winter range is increasing. The easement area offers habitat and an uninhibited migration corridor for the Mooretown Migratory Deer Herds, while also protecting valuable habitat resources for other wildlife in the area. Conservation values include wildlife and plant habitat, as well as scenic values.

Why protection of this habitat is important

Protecting habitat is critical to preserving diverse wildlife populations who rely on habitat areas for survival and in this case, safe migration corridors. Habitat areas can also offer unique scenic values and recreational opportunities. The SBRLT recognizes the importance of protecting what is left of these valuable resources. We offer an alternative to developing habitat areas and believe that offering landowners a choice will give them the opportunity to voluntarily protect some or all of their property from development.